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CatHouse without catwheel - (Relaxation Base + Anatomical Dishes)

CatHouse by CatROUND - Every cat deserves its own royal throne!

CatHouse is a revolutionary fitness oasis for your cats, combining cutting-edge design with premium functionality for your pets' ultimate well-being and health. This unique set brings the perfect combination of exercise, healthy feeding and peaceful rest to your home.

This set includes:

1) Relaxation base with personalization

2) Anatomical dishes for healthy feeding - 2 pieces


CatHouse by CatROUND, or where relaxation meets joy, and every leap is a great leap into a happy feline future!

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Code: 130
Brand: CatROUND
Category: CatHouse set
Warranty: 2 years
Výška: 140 cm
Šířka: 155 cm
Hloubka: 60 cm
Hmotnost: 30 kg
CatHouse front

CatHouse provides cats with:

  • Movement
  • Mental well-being
  • Relaxation
  • Hideout
  • Outlook
  • Healthy feeding
  • 100% safety
  • Top design

Key features of the set:

1) Relaxation base with personalization

  • A comfortable place to relax after a hard workout with a perfect view in a nice modern fur bed.
  • Inscription of your choice - for example, the name of your four-legged pet (write in the notes when ordering).
  • Rounded run-out area leading up to the bed.

2) Generation 2 exercise wheel with super quiet running - any colour option

  • Any available colour variant of the treadmill to fit in with any interior.
  • New technology in the chassis for extra quiet running, no more waking up with night sprints.
  • Movement promotes health and mental well-being, for both humans and animals.
  • All gaps between the moving and stationary parts are designed so that it is impossible to insert a paw or other body part anywhere

3) Integrated anatomical bowls - 2 pcs

  • All the important features of the anatomical bowls, such as ergonomic height, optimal inclination, anatomical posture, slumping to the last pellet, non-bending whiskers and anti-acne surface are integrated directly into the device and there is no need to look for an additional location for them.

4) Promoting movement, healthy feeding and resting

  • CatHouse has been carefully designed to offer complete care for your cat's well-being. It promotes exercise, healthy feeding and subsequent restful rest.

5) Safety and clean design

  • The safety of your cats comes first. The entire CatHouse is equipped with stable construction and safe materials. In turn, the top-notch clean design ensures that this elegant cat oasis of comfort blends in with any interior style.

6) Maximum use of space

  • CatHouse may be large, but it is careful to maximise the use of space. If you already have a jogging bike, for just a little extra space you'll get a lot of great benefits.
  • The relaxation base surrounds the treadmill on all sides and therefore makes use of previously unnecessary space - above the bike, on the side and on the front.

7) Made and designed by CatROUND - Made in Czechia

  • Create an environment for your cats to express their natural energy while enjoying a comfortable rest. With CatHouse by CatROUND you will provide your pets with optimal care and entertainment. Secure your set today and support your cats' health and well-being!
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