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About exercise wheel


What is CatROUND – Exercise Wheel for Cats?

CatROUND – Exercise Wheel for Cats (CatROUND - in short) is a special entertaining exercise device designed for cats. It consists of a base fitted with a wheel mechanism and a rotating wheel.


What is CatROUND for?

CatROUND – Exercise Wheel for Cats allows your cat to move regularly in a home environment, which is extremely important for its health and mental well-being.


How is the safety of your pets ensured?

The safety of your pets is ensured by the fact that the chassis is completely covered by the wheel, which means that during usage it is not possible for the cat to push its paw where it does not belong. Gaps that are outside of CatROUND and could potentially endanger another pet are designed to be less than 5 mm in size, which ensures that it is not possible to push a paw into them. The whole product is free of sharp edges. Safety is CatROUND’s priority. 


Is CatROUND – Exercise Wheel for Cats noisy?

CatROUND is designed to not interrupt the owners. A low noise level is ensured by wheels with rubber surface and ball bearings. The noise value is around 55 dB in use, which is comparable to light rain or a running dishwasher. 


What type of floor is CatROUND suitable for?

For stability reasons, CatROUND is primarily intended for flat floors such as tiles, floating floors, vinyl floors, parquets, etc. CatROUND can also be placed on a carpet, but it must be said that softer floors can lessen the stability of CatROUND. The chassis has pre-prepared holes in it and in these cases it is possible to fasten it to, for example, a wooden board, which increases the stability many times over.


What are the CatROUND – Exercise Wheel for Cats dimensions?

Height - 123 cm, width - 119 cm and depth - 38 cm. The inner diameter of the wheel is 110 cm.


What is the weight of the device?

The total weight of the CatROUND is 18 kg. The weight of the stationary part is 8 kg and the weight of the rotating part is 10 kg.


How does CatROUND work?

As the cat moves, the wheel naturally begins to rotate on the chassis. The faster the cat moves, the faster the wheel turns. Therefore, the cat can simply walk or run fast - as in nature. CatROUND adapts to its movement.


What cats can use CatROUND?

CatROUND is primarily designed for cats from 2.5 kg.


What is the load capacity of CatROUND?

CatROUND load capacity is 20 kg.


How do you teach your cat to use CatROUND?

From our own experience, we can say that some cats start using CatROUND simply due to their curiosity. In other cases, a suitable choice is, for example, laser lighting on a tread running surface or a popular cat toy on a "fishing rod". We recommend watching our tutorial.


How long does it take for a cat to "accept" CatROUND?

Some cats start using CatROUND within the first week, others within the first month. However, there are also cases where it takes about half a year. It always depends on the nature of your animal. If you take care of your cat and teach it to use CatROUND, you will increase the chances of adoption many times over.


Can a cat lose weight using CatROUND?

Yes, a regularly moving cat builds muscle mass and burns fat. It works just like with humans. :)


How is CatROUND technically solved?

CatROUND contains two main parts. One is the base made of steel. Its weight and space ensure the stability of the entire device. The second is the rotating wheel made of one plastic piece. The contact between the rotating wheel and the chassis is mediated only by the wheels with ball bearings, which ensures a smooth and quiet movement. The inner part of the rotating wheel is equipped with a running surface made of EVA foam, which is pleasant for your pets' paws.


Is CatROUND assembly complicated?

The Assembly of CatROUND is very simple. It consists only of the correct positioning of the rotating wheel on the chassis. Other components, including the chassis, are assembled. 


How do we test the function of CatROUND?

We are cat lovers and our products are first tested on our four-legged pets.


Can CatROUND be used by more than one cat at a time?

The width of CatROUND is designed so that it can be used by two average cats at the same time. We recommend watching the video in the reference section.


What about washing and maintaining the equipment?

It is really easy. The product can be completely washed with water, in case of major pollution, even disinfected. A little puke or pee on the wheel is not a problem.


Is the paint on the product harmful?

All colours used are harmless and certified.


What if a cat eats a piece of the running tread surface? 

Nothing happens, the tread is also certified for the production of children's toys. 


What if the tread gets scratched over time? Can it be replaced?

Yes, the tread is a consumable part of the product that can be easily replaced. Just pull it off the wheel and stick on a new one. 


Is it necessary to use glue when replacing the surface?

No, the spare tread has a self-adhesive layer, just apply and press on the wheel and it is done.


How often does the tread need to be changed?

It depends on the user, it is similar to a sisal rope on scrapers. It still works, but if you want to have the wheel like brand new again, you may have to replace it in a year or more.

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