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Why CatROUND wheels

CatROUND exercise wheels are the best on the market and their characteristics far outweigh their competitors’ products.

What makes our exercise wheels special?

  1. They are the safest because
    • they are developed according to the standards of medical devices from in terms of mechanics
    • the materials used meet the strict standards of ČSN EN 71, which are materials suitable for the production of toys for children under three years of age
    • the running surface made of EVA foam cannot cause the animal to be trapped, as is the case, for example, with carpets that are very dangerous, and meets the biological evaluation for medical devices according to ISO 10993. Also, due to its properties, there is no risk of burning the animal, as in the case with carpet or rubber surfaces
  2. They’re of the highest quality because
    • They’re almost indestructible and were subjected to a 50-kilogramme load and crash tests that did not affect their functionality
  3. They’re the most stable because
    • they have a wide, rigid lined chassis with a low centre of gravity, no cat Chuck Norris has overturned it yet
  4. They have the smoothest run because
    • they are made of a single piece and therefore there is no clicking, rattling or swinging
  5. They are the deepest,
    • they have a depth of 38 cm, so they are very comfortable for larger breeds or more cats can run in them at the same time
  6. They have the best design,
    • it is absolutely clean and timeless, is supported by a wide range of colour options
    • they fit into any household
  7. They have the simplest assembly,
    • unpack the box and use them
  8. They have the easiest maintenance,
    • it is simply maintenance-free, perhaps only dust it
  9. They are the least noisy,
    • even the night sprint won’t disturb your TV time
  10. They are unbreakable, have a high durability,
    • the foam can be replaced for aesthetic reasons

What parameters do you need to focus on when choosing an exercise wheel?

  • We do not recommend an exercise wheel with a carpet as there is a risk of catching a claw and a dangerous injury to your pet, including burning the cat’s paws.
  • If you’re not buying a wheel for really small breeds, we do not recommend going below the inner diameter of 110 centimetres. A small diameter of the wheel is inappropriate or dangerous due to the improper position of the animal and unnatural movement.
  • An exercise wheel where there are gaps between the chassis and the rotating wheel, or God forbid the wheels are visible from the outside, poses a high risk of injury when a curious cat puts its paw into this gap.
  • Always check that the exercise wheel does not ‘swing’ when in use. Large swing is a clear sign of poor-quality workmanship and poor stability.
  • The circular part of an exercise wheel assembled from multiple parts is characterised by low strength and durability and higher noise.
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