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About us

About us

CatROUND is a company established by two cat lovers. We focus on healthy and happy life of your pets.

Who are we?

CatROUND company has been established by two long term friends Tomáš Somol and Václav Rais. They both have a lot in common. They come from the same village, studied technical fields at the same university where they reached engineering degrees, have many years of experience in light engineering, especially in the production and development of hospital technology. Another important link are their girlfriends who are sisters and thanks to whom they got to know the beauties of the world of cats.

How did it all start?

The first thought was born in the head of Tomáš, who has always been obsessed by creating entertainment for his four-legged pets. It started by simple games, when he taught cats simple commands such as sit, lie down, gigh-five or give a paw. It continued by a purchase of all sorts of interactive toys, which, however, never met his expectations. After a while, the cats stopped having fun and slowly but surely began to gain weight. It was obvious that he had to come up with something and give the cats a movement that would be fun for them at the same time. Many people exercise because they enjoy it, so why should not cats enjoy it? This is where the idea of a cat exercise wheel was born. Tomáš told Václav about the idea and hoped that he would like it, because he knew that they could do it only together. Fortunately, Václav shared the same enthusiasm and so they embarked on a development marathon.

The beginnings were not easy and there were many ideas. Václav was constantly transforming common ideas into 3D models, the workshop was lit every day, the tests were endless and a total of six prototypes were created. Each prototype was functional, but Václav and Tomáš always discovered something that they thought was just not it. For example, they struggled with excessive noise level, unsuitable running surfaces, unsightly design, insufficient strength or unsuitable production technology. It took half a year of joint efforts, and so in the end a product was created that they both were very proud of. Their worries about whether the cats would like the new toy disappeared within the first two hours. It was the best reward for both of them, when the cats started using CatROUND and having fun without any previous training. Their pets have finally found their favorite toy, which no one is allowed to take away from them. They decided not to keep the product to themselves, so they founded CatROUND s.r.o. so that they could share their joy with you and your cats.


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