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Basic pillars

1) Reliability

As cat owners, we know that most of their toys have a short life span. CatROUND is fundamentally changing this. The exercise wheel is almost unbreakable. We chose material that can withstand even harsh conditions of aviation. So even your cat can’t destroy it. The only fly in the ointment after months of sprints will be scratches on the exercise tread. However, the running surface can be easily replaced and the wheel is as good as new.



2) Czech product

The production of the wheel is entirely under our control – from design to production, everything is created thanks to the golden Czech hands which pet cats in the meantime. We stand by both the technical solution and the quality of the product. By fully controlling production thanks to Czech subcontractors, we have achieved a quality that has no competition in the world.



3) Design

We wanted a design that you can proudly exhibit in your living room so that you don’t have to look for nooks and crannies where the eyes of visitors can’t see. CatROUND comes in a light, dark or even combined design to choose the one that pleases your eyes and interior. If your cat is not using it at the moment, it can have the role of a modern decoration.



4) Entertainment

Do you have a lazy cat at home who hasn’t even noticed the new scratcher? It is nothing compared to CatROUND. It presents a challenge and awakens the natural desire for movement. It will take some practice, the cat probably won’t start with a sprint, but will walk their way to satisfaction at a slower pace. Wilder breeds, be they Siamese, Bengal, Abyssinian or Sphynx cats, will enjoy it so much that they will purr in delight afterwards.


5) Low noise

The night sprints of your beast will sound like fine rain or a dishwasher. The cat can enjoy its marathon without you having to be a spectator. A rotating wheel with an integral smooth surface of composite material and ball bearings of the wheels ensure minimal noise.



6) Maintenance and assembly

You won’t have to worry about anything. We designed the CatROUND Exercise Wheel for Cats intentionally from one piece. After delivery, it’s immediately ready for the first run and doesn’t require any maintenance even after a hundred sprints.


7) Health and well-being

Thanks to CatROUND, cats walk their way to the skill and body of a hunter, but also to mental well-being. It has already been proven that boredom is a sign of cats’ psychological problems. Prevent this and entertain your cat. We guarantee you that the cat won’t even remember destroying furniture or peeing where it wasn’t supposed to.



8) Pet safety

Your cat’s safety is our priority. The CatROUND Exercise Wheel for Cats has been stress tested to ensure that it is not possible to put a paw anywhere or that its stability is not jeopardised by sprints of two cats at the same time. Likewise, we’re prepared for cats to explore the wheel with all their senses. The running surface is made of comfortable and harmless running foam which is also used for the production of children’s toys.



9) Safe interior

The CatROUND Exercise Wheel for Cats brings safety to your cats, you, as well as furniture and flowers. You don’t have to worry, even if your pet’s speed is close to the cheetah. The chassis is completely covered by a movable wheel and the gaps you will find on the CatROUND are less than 5 mm wide so that the cat’s paw doesn’t get stuck in them.


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