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CatROUND – Exercise wheel for cats (Light Grey/Grey)

The only trainer that will be the center of attention in your home. This one for cats is from CatROUND.

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Brand: CatROUND
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Category: Catwheels
Warranty: 2 years
Výška: 123 cm
Šířka: 119 cm
Hloubka: 38 cm
Vnitřní průměr kola: 110 cm
Hmotnost: 18 kg
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€677 –1 %

There is a beast of prey hidden, even in cats sleeping on the heating. When it wakes up, you have to deal with, fallen flower pots on the sofa. Give your pet a safe space for discharging its energy, natural movement and fun. The CatROUND running wheel runs entirely on cat drive, does good for the beasts of prey’s body and soul, and, compared to other cat equipment, clearly wins in terms of indestructibility. 

About CatROUND – Czech made running wheel for cats:

  • The production of the running wheel is entirely under our control – from design to construction.  
  • The rotating wheel is made of one piece of plastic composite material. Thanks to that, the wheel is very quiet when being used and it will not disturb you even when your cat decides to do a night sprint.
  • The noise level is around 55 dB when the cat exercise wheel is in use. It is comparable to light rain or a running dishwasher.
  • For the best possible functioning of the rotating wheel, the chassis is made of high-quality steel and fitted with four ball-bearing
  • The tread is made of soft EVA foam and will take care of the most gentle and comfortable impact of cat paws.
  • Safety first – this cat exercise wheel has been subjected to stress tests to make sure that your cat cannot hurt itself during the examination or even in cases of running at cheetah speed.
  • So far, no cat Chuck Norris has conquered the indestructibility of the exercise wheel. It got away with only a few scratches which you can simply solve by replacing the tread.

Running wheel for both lazy and wild cats

"Investing in a cat scratcher was pointless. Our cat will not even notice the running wheel."

Big mistake. A scratcher is not a challenge for a cat and therefore lounging will most likely win when it comes to choosing between these two activities. Your assistance will be required at the beginning, and maybe a little motivation. lazy cats will probably not be sprinting straight away, but your cat will surely walk slowly through with satisfaction. Wilder cat breeds such as Siamese cats, Bengal cats, Abyssinian cats or Sphynx cats will likely use the wheel so much that they will happily and calmly purr after exercise.

CatROUND dimensions:

  • height 123 cm,
  • width 119 cm,
  • depth 38 cm,
  • inner diameter of the wheel 110 cm.

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CatROUND - Excercise wheel for cats - compilation 2021

CatROUND - Exercise wheel for cats - product presentation

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