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CatROUND - Anatomic dish for cats (White)

Designed according to cats' natural needs and anatomy for digestion improvement and relief of the cervical spine and joints during feeding. Recommended by veterinarians and cat nutrition specialists.

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Brand: CatROUND
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Category: Anatomic dishes
Warranty: 2 years
Šířka / Width: 19,5 cm
Výška čelní strany / Front height: 10 cm
Výška zadní strany / Back height: 13 cm
Sklon misky / Dish inclination: 15°
Hloubka misky / Depth of dish: 4 cm
Objem misky / Dish volume: 300 ml granulí (cca 180 g) / dry food (approx. 180 g)

The anatomic dish represents another step towards proper and comfortable feeding of the cat. It takes into account all the natural needs and anatomy of the cat during food consumption. The product was designed in collaboration with veterinarians, cat nutrition specialists, breeders, and shelters. Additionally, testing of the product by different cats’ breeds was a significant part of the development process.

Ergonomic height (front edge 10 cm, back edge 13 cm) and 15º inclination of the dish together with a specially designed pedestal allows comfortable access to the dish and straightening of the cat´s cervical spine during food consumption. This reduces the physical burden on the body, prevents reflux (reverse flow of stomach contents from the stomach to the oesophagus), and pain in the spine or joints. In addition, a special recessed dish with three anchoring points (1 cm) into the base guarantees stability and fixation during food consumption.

The unique elliptical shape of the dish (length 19.5 cm, width 12.5 cm) ensures that the whiskers do not touch the dish when eating and prevents the development of fatigue syndrome, which is characterized by discomfort or pain when eating and causes the cat to throw the food out of the bowl or refuse to eat it. Thanks to the internal sloping sides of the dish (depth 4 cm) the food always slides to the center and does not stick to the sides. As a result, the cat feels that the dish is always full. The dish holds 200 ml of liquid or 300 ml of medium-sized dried cat food, corresponding to 180 g.

The dish is handmade from earthenware with a surface treatment of glazes, which do not contain lead, antimony, arsenic, or other dangerous substances. Due to the smooth and non-porous surface of the glazes, the dish meets the highest requirements for hygiene, easy cleaning, and minimizes the formation of feline acne. Moreover, the dish is dishwasher and microwave friendly. The well-thought-out design of the anatomic dish is complemented with an attractive appearance in several colors.

The anatomic dish gives the cat the maximum comfort when eating food and facilitates subsequent digestion, which brings satisfaction to the cat and its owner because they both know they are receiving and giving the best.

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