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CatROUND – Exercise wheel for cats (Brown/Anthracite)

CatROUND – An exercise wheel for cats is a premium accessory for your pet, which ensures healthy movement combined with fun.

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Brand: CatROUND
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Category: Products
Warranty: 2 years
Výška: 123 cm
Šířka: 119 cm
Hloubka: 38 cm
Vnitřní průměr kola: 110 cm
Hmotnost: 18 kg
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€677 –3 %

Movement will become fun for your cat. Give it the option to be fit both physically and psychically.

Domestic cats often suffer from a lack of movement, which can negatively affect their overall health. The most visible signs are not only obesity but also boredom. This can cause manifestations of undesirable behavior or even depression. CatROUND provides these two basic elements for a cat’s happy life by providing it action - which means fun at the same time. The positive side effect of fun is usually less furniture destruction and proper usage of a cat’s toilette instead of a spot that is not determined for it. 

Main pros of the product:

  • CatROUND is Czech-madewith high-quality
  • The rotating wheel is made of one plastic piece from composite material which secures a very quiet run – unlike products composed of many pieces. Composite materials are used, for example, in the food and aviation industries. 
  • The chassis is welded from high-quality steel, which is powder-coated. You can find this type of coating on home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and microwave ovens. The chassis is fitted with ball bearing wheels.
  • The tread is made of soft EVA foam to secure the most gentle and comfortable movement of your pet. Paws safety and comfortable tread are one of our top The tread material meets toy safety standards and can often be found in orthopaedic aids, shoes, and sports equipment.
  • CatROUND’s noise level is very low. The level is around 55 dB when being used, which is comparable to light rain or a running dishwasher.

CatROUND dimensions:

  • height 123 cm,
  • width 119 cm,
  • depth 38 cm,
  • inner diameter of the wheel 110 cm.

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CatROUND - Excercise wheel for cats - compilation 2021

CatROUND - Exercise wheel for cats - product presentation

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