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CatROUND – Exercise wheel for cats (Light Grey/Light Grey)

It is not necessary to plan a training program for cats. All you have to do is wake up their inner beast of pray hungry for action. CatROUND will provide a safe space for releasing their energy.

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Brand: CatROUND
€677 €591 from €591
Category: Catwheels
Warranty: 2 years
Výška: 123 cm
Šířka: 119 cm
Hloubka: 38 cm
Vnitřní průměr kola: 110 cm
Hmotnost: 18 kg
ral7035 tm sv

This exercise wheel runs entirely on cat drive, does good for your pet’s body and soul, and compared to other cat equipment, clearly wins in terms of indestructibility. 

About CatROUND:

  • There has been 6 functional prototypes and endless testing on our own cats prior to the final look of CatROUND.
  • The exercise wheel is a good quality Czech-made product.
  • The lowest noise level of the rotating wheel made of plastic composite material will take care of your calm sleep while your cats enjoy a night sprint. 
  • The noise level has been measured at around 55 dB when the cat exercise wheel is in use, which is comparable to light rain or a running dishwasher.
  • The chassis has been inspired by high-quality inline skates. The combination of resilient stainless steel and ball bearing wheels guarantees the best function and life service.
  • We have chosen a tread made of soft EVA foam for the most gentle and comfortable impact on cat paws.
  • Cats safety comes first – the tread has been subjected to stress tests to make sure that your cat cannot hurt itself during the examination or even in cases of running at cheetah speed.
  • No cat Chuck Norris who could destroy the exercise wheel has been found yet. Even after months of intensive usage, the only defect is a few scratches, which can be solved by a spare tread. 

Hesitating if CatROUND exercise wheel for cats would be successful for your cat?

Lazy individuals would need your assistance and motivation. Do not expect cheetah speed on the first day. Even walking slowly, your cat will experience satisfaction and better shape. We registered a big success by wilder cat breeds such as Siamese cats, Bengal cats, Abyssinian cats and Sphynx cats which will likely use the wheel so much that they will happily and calmly purr after exercise. 

CatROUND dimensions:

  • height 123 cm,
  • width 119 cm,
  • depth 38 cm,
  • inner diameter of the wheel 110 cm. 

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CatROUND - Excercise wheel for cats - compilation 2021

CatROUND - Exercise wheel for cats - product presentation

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